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Infocrest's Consulting Services for Informatica

  • Our expertise with Informatica is unmatched and it dates back to 1997
  • We have trained 13,000 experts on the use and implementation of Informatica
  • We continually train our consultants on the latest techniques and features and ¬†Reinforce implementation disciplines and best practices.
  • Our consultants are available to augment your staff or as a core team in charge of the Integration project end to end
  • Our rates are competitive and we stand behind our work 100%. ¬†All customers are repeat customers.

Data Warehousing/Business Intelligence Consulting:

  • We have handpicked a pool of DW/BI experts to would make a major positive impact on your Informatica, SSIS/SSAS, Business Intelligence & Data Integration projects.

    In addition to having many years of solid experience in the BI/Data Integration fields, our consultants are continuously trained on the latest advances, techniques & features covering:

    • Operational Decisions driven by DW/BI
    • Assessment/Remediation of Business Intelligence environments
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